"Don’t Ask For Permission...


Ask forgiveness," as the great philosopher Aubrey “Drake” Graham once said. 

Since starting Tribe X, I’ve gotten a lot of questions from other aspiring entrepreneurs. “How did you start your brand?” “How did you choose a specific idea or design?” But the one question I've heard the most is “What if no one likes my stuff?” This post is to encourage those who struggle with this very question and how to overcome it.

Soooo, the fear of not succeeding is a real thing. Trust me; I always think of the worst case scenario. What if I have too much inventory? What if I spent too much money? What if I can’t break even? What if this design is wack and nobody rocks with it? These are all valid concerns. Anytime I decide to release a product these concerns come up. Before designing my first product self doubt would always creep into my mind, which hindered me from putting out products/content into the atmosphere. It took several months before I came to a decision and just said “f**k it” and just did it. Being the CEO/creative brainchild behind the brand comes with certain perks. One of which is being, if I like it and would wear it then I do it. I don’t have to get the okay from someone else or run things by a team to get permission for anything.

However, having that control also comes with some cons. I am my own quality control and every product that I drop, I personally like which may or may not translate to the masses. So without much outside feedback it could be tough to gauge how successful a particular product may or may not be. The thing is -- you win some, you lose some. Every thing you do as an entrepreneur may not be a massive success. Ultimately, ideas you think were great may not go over well. This is something I have come to terms with. No matter how many products I sell, I know that I have created something that is personal to me and that I am confident in. I care about sales as any brand owner would, which ultimately equates to people liking my stuff. But more importantly I care about sharing my ideas and passion with others more.

If you guys didn’t get anything from this post, just ask yourself this question “What if I don’t share my stuff (products/ideas) with the world?” I would much rather try and fail rather than not try at all. And once you come to terms with this you’ll say “f**k it” like I did and start creating no matter what anyone says.

My challenge to you is to not let anything or anyone hold you back. Whatever you have been dreaming about; do it. I promise you will not regret it.

- Rico

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