A Day In Ybor City

If you have visited or lived in the Tampa Bay Area, then you’ve at least heard of Ybor City. Primarily known for its night life and free roaming roosters; Ybor City, is truly a city of its own despite technically being just a neighborhood within the city of Tampa.

Ybor City was annexed to the city of Tampa in 1887 and its concentration of diverse ethnic groups (Cuban, Afro-Cuban, Spanish, and Italian) was uncommon in the American South and added to the unique character of the town. While most of the Hispanic residents worked in the cigar factories, these immigrants also produced the beautiful boxes that held their cigars, operated small shops, and supported the service industries. Ybor City’s residents formed ethnic social clubs and benevolent organizations, which offered their members cooperative medical plans and charitable services. Because of its proximity to Cuba and large Cuban immigrant population, the town naturally became a center for Cuban exiles and political activity. 

So, with the history lesson out of the way. We decided to link with upcoming model Sally Jill to shoot some fire content in a place that truly represents our motto of “Embrace All Cultures”.

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